Arkadien Festival - Where is Arcadia, please?

As part of its second Arcadia Festival, the Ebersberg Art Kunstverein Ebersberg organizes temporary art interventions and interventions in public space on the theme of Arcadia. Arcadia as a dream of a better world is to be understood as a platform for today's problem solving and solution strategies. Especially in times of upheaval and change, the arts have an important social mission. They ask questions, put exclamation marks, give food for thought or cause irritation. It is not about decoration, but rather about dealing with rapidly growing changes. Whether digitalization, a changing world of work, a rapidly growing capitalism or increasing social problems, the polarization and division of society, the cancel culture or climate change - the political, social, economic and ecological upheavals, changes and processes currently taking place must be reflected and negotiated. It is about nothing less than the question of how we want to live in the future.

Peter Kees
Kunstverein Ebersberg, 7.Mai - 18.Juli 2021


Festival program

May 7 - 3 to 4.30 p.m. / Sky over Ebersberg

Katrin Schmidbauer (Berlin) - "et in arcadia ego”. Banner 

et in arcadia ego - since Poussin's depiction of the shepherd, this sentence, which is often quoted in art history, has undergone constant change in interpretation. If the term “Arcadia” describes the longing for paradisiacal perfection, the Latin expression “et in arcadia ego” also formulates the aspect of transience. Written in the sky by a small plane, the sentence points far beyond the purely earthly reference to Arcadia and reminds for a moment of amazement that this longing cannot be fulfilled in this world.

May 7 - July 18 / City Hall Ebersberg

Monika Goetz (Berlin) - World Flag

The flags of all 196 of zell recognized countries worldwide were copied over. Through the manifold overlapping, all clear contours and color allocations dissolve. The result is an almost poetic conglomeration of colors and shapes. Ultimately, the idea of national ag- gen, along with the territorial claims associated with it, is called into question. During the entire Arcadia Festival, this flag will fly at the Ebersberg town hall.

May 7 - July 18 / Online action

Elisabeth Ajtay (New York City) - Paradise.Here - Online action

The online action Paradise.Here wants to find out more about people's goals, ideals, fears and desires. Elisabeth Ajtay will create a panorama of possibilities and show a picture of what has already been done and what still needs to be done on the way of realizing Paradise/Arcadia in the here and now.

Join us:

May 10 / City Hall Ebersberg Association for the delay of time -

Idle time

Of zeller request for street renaming

The Verein zur Verzögerung der Zeit (Association for the Delay of Time) submits an application to the city of Ebersberg to rename a street “Müßiggang".
Honor to whom honor is due. Countless people and places lend their names to streets. So far, idleness has been left empty-handed. It is time to honor the first "idleness" in the world. (Idea: Martin Liebmann, Klagenfurt a.W.)

May 17 - July 18 / Monastery Building Yard Association for the Delay of Time -.

Decelerated parking lot - Installation

Our current concept of mobility is absurd - and in view of the man-made acceleration of global warming also completely unrealistic. Why, for example, do we have to pay fees when we leave a car parked? One proposed solution to challenge this deviant practice is a parking lot where you pay very high fees if you drive your car to this location, park it only briefly, and then drive on again. On the other hand, if you leave it for a long time, you are rewarded. The fee scale is staggered: Parking fee for up to 1 hour: 5 euros. Parking fee for 1 to 3 hours: 2 Euro. Parking fee for 3 up to 8 hours: 1 euro. Parking for 8 up to 24 hours: free. Parking bonus for 24 hours or more: Voucher for a coffee or tea on site. (Idea: Martin Liebmann, Klagenfurt a.W.)

May 20 - July 18 / meadow below the Ebersberg lookout tower

Anke Westermann (Berlin) -

Light house - Installation

This nomadic object symbolises the pure idea of a building. It sets "a light" on a place visible from afar. The visual connection of the lines of this virtually suggestive spatial drawing with the architectonic environment enables new perspectives. The sculpture creates a special space where the boundaries of inside and outside seem to be abolished; it invites residents and visitors to meet and exchange thoughts and ideas about Arcadia.

May 22 - July 18 / Castle Square

Katarina Veldhues and Gottfried Schumacher, Nusbaum (Rhineland-Palatinate) and Cologne - Night Trip

Projections from the Arcadia Bus

In our eyes, projection is transition, change of state, crossing borders. The film NACHTFAHRT shows a real journey with a passenger bus along a stretch of the decaying Westwall, past bunkers and a forest. On board is a high-powered projector. While driving at 17 km/h, heads and faces of anonymous young men are projected through the window of the bus as if through a membrane to the outside. The often violent movements thus produced show - especially in the forest - the fragility of the active young soldiers. The forest in particular could be part of Arcadia. In NACHTFAHRT, however, it is an un-place, the war the antipode to Arcadia.

May 26 - July 18  / gutter at the old distillery in the monastery building yard

Thomas Judisch (Dresden) -

A winter fairy tale  - Installation

Icicles hang from the gutter of the Old Distillery. A relic of the past winter. The sun is shining and they will still be hanging there tomorrow. Is this already a reference to the problems and catastrophes that surround us every day or is it simply a trigger of the memories of the last winter vacation?

May 27 - July 18 / Facade of the Kunstverein

Sven Bergelt (Leipzig) -

you are the capital(ist) - Neon sign

With the neon sign "you are the ca- pital(ist)", the letters "ist" of the word capitalist alternate on and off in 10-second intervals, so that alternately "you are the capital" and "you are the capitalist" can be read. The constant change of the word "capital(ist)" calls up several levels of meaning and thus creates a permanent ambivalence of the readings. "you are the capitalist" confronts viewers with the question of their individual and communal capitalist actions in society. At the same time, the illuminated lettering with "you are the capital" makes clear the exploitation contexts in which people are seen as economic human capital. But there is also an emancipative dimension in this: the possibility to change the perspective and to see oneself as capital in order to represent one's own and community interests and to defend oneself against the power of capital.

June 1 - July 18 / Stadtraum EBE Elisabeth Ajtay (New York City) -

U-Turn - Poster Action

The poster action Kehrtwende (U-Turn) invites to a change of direction, to a re exion about thought patterns and their destruction in favor of the attainment of new freedom.

June 4 - July 18 / Buch Otter and Schreib- warenladen in e-EinZ

Frenzy Höhne (Leipzig) - Today already

Postcard stand / sticker to go

ALREADY TODAY ... lived, loved, smiled at someone, said something nice, thought or helped someone ... done something good for yourself; looked at the sky and breathed deeply, dropped everything and closed your eyes for a moment. Stimulate, share, remind, point out or carry away ... Stickers for small and large importance, to write on for everyone and everywhere.

June 7 - July 18 / Pedestrian zone 8 Association for the delay of time -.

The old time container


A container invites to throw in used time. Glass, paper, plastic - everything is collected for recycling. But what happens to elapsed time? Even if the technology of rezeitling is still immature, we collect used seconds, minutes, hours, days, years. (Idea: Martin Liebmann, Klagenfurt a. W.)

June 14 - July 18 / Garage in the pedestrian zone

Das KloHäuschen (Munich) -

Ne travallez jamais

The KloHäuschen travels to Arcadia - With about 60 artists- friends of the KloHäuschen and guest artists from Arcadia (Team: Andreas Mitterer, rasso rottenfusser, Anja Uhlig) The best kept secret of Arcadian existence is to be happy and content in the place where you are. The KloHäuschen, which for over 100 years has been firmly rooted in Munich/Sendling for over 100 years, knows this very well. Nevertheless: it cannot resist the special festival invitation of the ambassador of Arcadia. It mounts the lying carpet of its ground plan, packs approx. 60 friendly artists*innen with their free works into the suit-case of its art hall - and travels to the Ebersberger Arcadia. And there the KloHäuschen finds what it can imagine as a city scene under "Arcadia" just so: a forest hut. But in the middle of the city. With Regina Baierl, Ken Brown, Anja Buchheister, Jutta Burkhardt, Ergül Cengiz, Albert Coers, Klaus Erika Dietl, Alexis Dworsky, Johanna Eder, Judith Egger, Wolfgang Ellenrieder, Stephanie Felber, Anette Friedrich Johannessen, Andrea Golla, Susu Gorth, Susanne Görtz, Ekkeland Götze, Zoe Gudović, 9 Volt, Ralf Homann, Helen Varley Jamieson, Uwe Jonas (Berlin), Uwe Jonas (Munich), Magdalena Jooss, Martina Kändler, Monika Kapfer, Yuliia Koval, JC Leopold, Silke Markefka, Andreas Mitterer, Vincent Mitzev, Stephanie movall, Heidi Mühlschlegel, Bernhard Müller, Manuela Müller, Stephanie Müller, Günter Nosch, Gabriele Obermaier, Katrin Petroschkat, Anna Pfanzelt, Susanne Pittroff, Olaf Probst, Martina Ring, Helena Rossner, Stefan Schessl, Sabine Schlunk, Tommy Schmidt, Alexander Steig, toffaha (Rasha Ragab & Christoph Nicolaus), Janina Totzauer, Andrea Unterstraßer, Veronika Veit, Nikolai Vogel, Lutz Weinmann, Katharina Weishäupl, Carolin Wenzel, Oliver Westerbarkey, Patricia Wich, a.o.

Opening: June 14, 6 pm

June 17 - July 18 / Klostersee 10

Rudolf Herz (Munich) - Battle of the lake

Rudolf Herz puts up a sign on the shore of the Klostersee. On it is to be read: The surface of the water was as smooth as glass again, the oil corners had been warped, everything had been swept away into the depths. There was great silence. Rudolf Heart 2021

June 21 - July 18 / Schlossplatz Association to delay the time -

Central stop


A public place to pause - with a bus shelter. When everything is running and hurrying, there may be a lack of suitable places to pause. The bus stop provides a remedy and invites people to take a break. (Idea: Martin Liebmann, Klagenfurt a.W./ Execution: Hubert Maier)

June 24 - July18/ various locations in the city space

R.O.M. Roland Orlando Moed (Berlin) -

Update, new nature

Painting of scenes

R.O.M. Roland Orlando Moed paints selected bushes, shrubs, grasses. The action gives indication of the change of nature due to human intervention.

June 29 - July 5 / Marienplatz

Wolfgang Stöcker (Cologne) - Arcadia Office

Arcadian Research

The ARCADIA OFFICE will take up its Arcadian research in a construction trailer in Ebersberg for 1 week. During this time, citizens can visit the construction trailer and put on record their views on beauty, good life, "holy world", idyll, utopian visions of the good life. Stöcker will post quotes from these interviews on the construction trailer, and there will also be lectures, lecture performances, guided tours.

July 8 - 10 / Klosterbauhof 13 lfm2 (Christian Göthner, Leipzig) -

The cashier

Participatory Installation

A group of participants, gathered around a long work table, tirelessly builds a wide variety of objects from a wide variety of materials. They drill, screw, glue, wrap, sand and decorate... After a subsequent quality check, the new objects are transported one after the other along a long conveyor belt to finally burn in a large fire bowl.

Tue, July 6, 3 - 6 p.m.

Fri, July 9, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Tue, July 13, 6 - 9 p.m. EBE Wed, July 14, 9 - midnight

Thu, July 15, 3 - 6 p.m.

Bus stops at the station forecourt

Media service Leistungshölle (Klaus Erika Dietl and Stephanie Müller, Munich) 

Next stop: Future with future


We won't wait long. We see the Ebersberg bus stop as a "shell with a view". In our luggage we have a selection of removable utensils with which the waiting area can be transformed within a few minutes into a research cabin, a miniature greenhouse, a performance stage, or a tea room. In this way, the bus stop does not remain a waiting area, it becomes the next level in which people edit together. In exchange with passers-by we will search for stories of success for a future with a future.

July 8, 7 p.m., WORKSHOP TALK / Ignaz-Perner-Strasse 10, Ebersberg

A visit to the Ebersberg 14

Violin maker Matthias Michael

In his workshop, which has been in existence since 1995, Matthias Michael devotes himself mainly to the restoration of stringed instruments - an anachronistic activity. In the workshop discussion between him and the ambassador of Arcadia, there will be insights into the art of violin making and the secret of the violin.

Registration required (by mail:

July 10, 3 p.m., WERKSTATTGESPRÄCH / Rosenheimer Strasse 26, Granger 15

A visit to the Granger

Bow maker Wolfgang Romberg

The bowmaker's workshop of Wolfgang Romberg is dedicated to the production of copies of old master bows in addition to repair and service work. The workshop talk between the bow maker and the ambassador of Arcadia explains the meaning of the bow.

Registration required (by mail:

July 10, 8 p.m. / Ebersberger Forst

Voyager Quartet - Messengers of Love


With works by Richard Wagner, Gustav Mahler and Robert Schumann. A string quartet by Richard Wagner or Gustav Mahler? Isn't that what the music world has always wanted? The Voyager Quartet goes on a soul-searching tour. From "Villa Wahn- fried" come sounding love letters, coded messages and secret messages, written by Richard Wagner and Gustav Mahler, addressed to their muses Alma and Matha.

to their muses Alma and Mathilde. A psychogram in beguiling tones about the unspeakable in those times. Andreas Höricht, violist of the quartet, who received the highest international acclaim for his transcription of Schubert's "Winter- reise for String Quartet", goes one step further. Wagner's Wesendonck Lieder, Mahler's Piano Quartet, movements and fragments from his 5th and 10th Symphonies are "recomposed" for string quartet - the me- dium for spiritual messages. The Voyager Quartet was formed in 2014. Its members can look back on a successful musical life in famous string quartets such as Cherubini Quartet, Modern String Quartet and world-class orchestras such as the Sym- phonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks. At the 2019 Arcadia Festival, the quartet was declared an Arcadian String Quartet.
In co-production with the Kulturverein Grang Registration required (by mail:

July 11, 3 p.m. WORKSHOP TALK /

Ester 12, Babensham (Wasserburg)

A visit to the piano maker Ursula Kaineder

Not all pianos are the same. The master piano builder Ursula Kaineder worked for Steinway in Munich before setting up her own business. In the workshop conversation between her and the Ambassador of Arcadia, she introduces the art, history and mystery of the keyboard instrument.

registration required (by mail:

July 12 - 18 / Downtown

Mads Lynnerup (San Francisco, USA) -

Pandemic Repetition Loop


An artistic intervention and in ltration into everyday life in Ebersberg, with various written statements and 5 performers whose actions take everyday life ad absurdum while creating a hyper-awareness of activities in Ebersberg.

July 12 - 18 / Volksfestplatz
Derek Tyman & Andy Webster (Stockport, GB) –

So the Red Rose


Publicly accessible houseboat "Arcadia" made from recycled mate-rials, collected "Journey" radio playlists, upcycled solar panels, engagement strategies, and potential actions. How might potentials for music, certain key recordings, and related structures function as platforms to reimagine what future life might look like and inspire radical discursive spaces in the future? A "reconstruction" of environmentalist Vanda Chan's storm-damaged houseboat structure "Arcadia" will be used as a space for live performances, conversations, workshops, and broadcasts of audio recordings to ask the question: Where is the road to Arcadia?

July 15 - 18 / various stations in urban space

Florian Tuercke (Nuremberg/Gdansk) -

Urban Audio.

ActionThe soundscape of urban space consists of many different sounds, but almost everywhere it is dominated by traffic noise, one of the least appealing sounds to human ears. The idea of URBAN AUDIO is to transform traffic noise into musical sounds by filtering its musical frequencies. URBAN AUDIO instruments transform ambient noise directly into musical sounds. The instruments work with tuned strings that vary in pitch range and sound width. The operational base for the project is a van that contains the URBAN AUDIO instruments and an 8-track recording studio including a mixing console, audio interface and wireless sound transmission. The van also contains headphones and chairs for visitors, camera equipment and all kinds of safety equipment. During the URBAN AUDIO project, the van is parked at an inner-city traffic hot spot. Instruments are distributed around the area and translate the different acoustic aspects of the traffic situation into musical sounds. Headphones and chairs are provided for visitors to experience the music of traffic live.

July 15 - 18 / Downtown

Association for the delay of time -

Time references


The Association for the Delay of Time distributes "red time cards" - and engages passers-by in conversation.

July 15 - 17, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. / City Center

Gabi Blum (Munich) -

Cornern in Arcadia

(the fabulous Trafo Bar)

Gabi Blum pushes her self-built "Trafo Bar" (imitation of a Munich electricity box) on a handcart through Ebersberg and places it at various locations. The people of Ebersberg are invited to cornern* with the artist and a can of beer and to talk about these strange times we are living through.

*Cf. Wikipedia: Cornern, from English corner ("corner"), is the gathering and drinking on a street corner.

July 15 - 18 Final days

In co-production with Meta Theater

Thu, July 15, 7 pm / Meta Theater


Roman Signer - Signer's Suitcase

Film evening

Documentary lm, 1 h 24 min

From the Swiss Alps to eastern Poland, from Stromboli to Iceland, always along the magically charged landscape grooves: This documentary lm is a wide-ranging attempt to find the ideal speed of travel. Roman Signer, born in Appenzell in May 1938, marks the stations with his very personal instruments and his captivatingly succinct interventions full of enigmatic humour.

Fri, July 16 / Downtown Ebersberg Association for the Delay of Time International Day of Winning Time Action including Proclamation of the time manifesto

A team of the Association for the Delay of Time offers passers-by time-saving services to passers-by. Many people do not want to waste their time. We take over various activities and inactivities instead of them for a fee - for example, whistling a song, sleeping in or looking at the sky. The order is placed with an order form on which the services and prices are listed. (Idea: Martin Liebmann)

and the action The question of nothingness

Five cardboard signs of about DIN A2 size with the inscription "Have you done

Have you done NOTHING today?" can be borrowed by visitors of the Arcadia Festival. They can use them to engage in conversations in public places. You are often asked what you have done. But whether or not you have done anything is usually not mentioned. The participatory action is intended to bring light into the darkness of nothing - and to invite stimulating conversations. (Idea: Mark Riklin)

Fri, July 16, 7 pm / Meta Theater Moosach

Association for the Delay of Time

Reading with subsequent discussion

Martin Liebmann: Being lazy is hard work. An ode to idleness.

Franz J. Schweifer: Time 2 stay.

111 time_crazy questions to stay.

Sat, July 17, 7 p.m. / Meta Theater Moosach 21 Philosophical look at the present with the

Philosophers Reinhard Knodt and Harald Seubert Discussion

Reinhard Knodt is a multiple literature prize winner, including the Bavarian Academy, tower writer in Abenberg, university lecturer in art philosophy until 2015 at the Berlin University of the Arts (HDK) in art philosophy and founder of an artists' house in the Nuremberg region. Author of important essays on the philosophy of contemporary art and a theory of correspondence to replace communication theory. He lives in Berlin.

Harald Seubert, born in 1967, has been a full professor of philosophy and religious studies in Basel since 2012, after working in Erlangen, Halle/Saale, Bamberg, Poznan/Poznan, and Munich in Basel. Since 2016 he is president of the International Martin Heidegger Society, member of the East-West Academy. He is the author of numerous monographs on the historically and systemically exposed questions of philosophy. His central interests are: Thinking between cultures, philosophy and poetry, Plato, Hegel, Hölderlin, Heidegger, the interrelation of forms of life and thought.

(Moderation: H.E. Peter Kees)

Sun, July 18, 2 p.m. / Meta Theater 22 Moosach

The curse and blessing of the digital worlds

Discussion with Judith Gerlach (Bavarian Minister of State for Digital Affairs - inquired),

Robert Helling (Chaos Computerclub), Tine Neumann (cultural observer), Axel Tangerding (theater director)

(Moderation: H.E. Peter Kees)

Does digitalization lead to a surveillance state or to more freedom?

Sun, July 18, 4 p.m. / Meta Theater Moosach

Hans Hs Winkler & Ralf Homann -

Artists, Utopias and the Räterepublik Ebersberg


Hans Hs Winkler, in collaboration with Ralf Homann, will give a lecture-performance about the influence of artists, writers and farmers on the Bavarian Revolution.

Sun, July 18, 6 p.m. / Meta Theater Moosach

Presentation of the Art Award of the City of Ebersberg by Mayor Uli Proske

and Panel discussion of the jury

Jury: Frenzy Höhne, H.E. Peter Kees, Tine Neumann, Luci Ott, Hans Hs Winkler

Curator: H.E. Peter Kees

Organizer: Kunstverein Ebersberg e.V. at Klosterbauhof 6, 85560 Ebersberg

with the support of Stadt Ebersberg,

District of Ebersberg, Sparkassenstiftung Ebersberg, District of Upper Bavaria, Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art, Municipality of Steinhöring, Otter & Wamsler GmbH & Co. KG,

Rotary Club Ebersberg-Gra ng and v. a.


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