Gillian Wylde


Gillian Wylde [she, her, hers] is an artist, who makes video installations and text works. She collaborates with other artists, writers and makers. Recent work engages with screens and feels, poetics, queerness, frequencies and performativity. Dissent, resistance and post-production are constants through most of the work like maybe a wild smell or hairy logic. [AKA: TLDR]

Gillian Wylde [she, her, hers] ist eine Künstlerin, die Videoinstallationen und Textarbeiten macht. Sie arbeitet mit anderen Künstlern, Schriftstellern und Machern zusammen. Ihre jüngsten Arbeiten beschäftigen sich mit Bildschirmen und Gefühlen, Poetik, Queerness, Frequenzen und Performativität. Dissens, Widerstand und Postproduktion sind Konstanten, die sich durch die meisten Arbeiten ziehen, wie vielleicht ein wilder Geruch oder eine haarige Logik. [AKA: TLDR]

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Who Eats Rocks? (14.44)

The metal-cased blue-and-silver vessel pod machine breaks down hitting slime rocks close to the uninhabited island. Like they’re locked in after hours, they wake to find themselves hunky punk style in some kind of queer travelling ecosystem. Ahoogah. Megabat Caroline grabs the official merch metal concert tees and the pack of cigarettes to keep them dry. Sticky water vibrates tiny audio bones in their inner ears. 8 Hours of Relaxing Sleep Music for Stress Relief, Beautiful Piano Music for artistic inspiration, relaxation and optimism playing in the background. Cosmic relax machine frequencies pass through juicy ears, infrasonic ink bags. This is natural enough. Many feels of what a low-fi pelagic mystical experience might have been like. An abandoned mall in the snow, with stars above realness. Cosmic blissed and ecstatic. Everything will be better in the 1990s. Dolby noise-reduction systems, short rotating float bladders/ auto reverse orbits are shielded by the heads. Fantasy Feels. This is normal enough. They go straight into stretches. “Are you ready to do the workout?” Elastic polyurethane souvenirs come at them ice and dust like. Attractive people in the background cheer on, go straight into stretches. Think jumping jacks and jogging in place. Exercising with them are six actors dressed in dog costumes, with actual live dogs' heads superimposed over their real heads. Main theme tune from Jurassic Park playing in the background. Descriptions of future foliage, future marine life, sci-fi factoids, green screen white bread magic. Memories coming right at them from their exercise studio in Beverly Hills. This is natural enough. All they know is that when their feet nails are chaotic they find it hard to make decisions. Wronk. Shrink wrapped - no buoyancy. Air/water bubbles rest on the surface of the delicate tape head. It doesn't bend at all. 3 hrs of antediluvian metal growl, Ocean Wave Sounds for Sleeping, Yoga, Meditation, Thick Studying etc. plays in the background. From this point on, the score is a riot of impressionistic, dissonant colours and an eerie, plaintive central theme that brilliantly characterizes the journey into a world never before seen.

Extract taken from ‘Who Eats Rocks?’ by Gillian Wylde.